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May. 25th, 2007 @ 11:10 pm Dougray News 5/24/07
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IN SIGHT/Cinema & Arts: Overlooked masterpiece gives a thrill; Disney 3-D feature not so bad either
'Ripley's Game," based on the 1974 novel by Patricia Highsmith, was first released in Europe in 2002. According to Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert, the thriller never received a theatrical release in the United States because the American distributor was so overwhelmed at the time with promoting the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. (more)

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--Desperate Housewives News--
Teri Hatcher and James Denton Talk About Their Desperate Housewives Wedding
Teri Hatcher and James Denton, cast members on Desperate Housewives who play Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino, reveal their sentiments about their onscreen wedding, which will be featured on Sunday’s episode at 9/8C on ABC. (more)

--Hitman News--
Luc Besson Directing Hitman
It’s no surprise that I’m a big Luc Besson fan. In my books, the guy can do no wrong and it looks like Fox agrees. (more)

Writer/Director Luc Besson Discusses Angel-A
Critically acclaimed French director Luc Besson’s latest cinematic offering is the black and white drama Angel-A. Starring Rie Rasmussen and Jamel Debbouze, Angel-A is the story of Andre, a down-on-his-luck small time criminal who decides to end his pitiful life by throwing himself into the Seine. But as luck would have it, a gorgeous woman (Rasmussen) beats him to the punch and Andre’s compelled to dive in and save her. The statuesque looker pledges to help Andre set his life straight and the unlikely twosome set out to tackle his problems. (more)

First Look at Timothy Olyphant as 'Hitman'
Sexy actor Timothy Olyphant has been amping up the machismo lately. Ignoring his stint in Catch and Release, he's made a tougher name for himself with Deadwood, and is sure to raise some brows when he chases down John McClane in Live Free or Die Hard. I am, therefore, really hoping that he follows in Bruce Willis' footsteps, and finds The Hitman to be his catapult to action hero and lustdom. I've followed his career for a while now and it's about time for people to stop saying "Who?" when I mention his name. If the first look at his stint as Agent 47 is any indication, my wish should come true. (more)

Timothy Olyphant's Coded Dome
Hey, I'd rather be in Cannes firing off a review of last night's opening film, Wong Kar-Wai's My Blueberry Nights (even if it's "Wong's reheated leftovers" as Mike D'Angelo claims over at Screengrab), but wishin' and whinin' ain't gonna make it so. What I can do, however, is give you the next best thing: Hitman images! (more)
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--Perfect Creature News--
Perfect Creature DVD US R-1
Fox Home Entertainment has officially announced Perfect Creature which stars Dougray Scott, and Saffron Burrows. (more)

As long as people can remember, the world has been afflicted by all kinds of diseases and epidemics. But 300 years ago a new species was born ... The Vampires. At first mankind was afraid of them, but soon it was discovered that vampires (a race actually called The Brothers in this movie) were better than humans; an advanced step in evolution. Thanks to their religion and science mankind was able to survive. (more)

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